About us



Blue Light Mobile is the High speed data service from ASTRID. A SIM card from Blue Light Mobile will give you access to specialist applications for public safety and security services.

Blue Light Mobile uses the mobile networks of the three national operators via roaming for fast mobile data traffic. Right now, you can use the 2G, 3G, 3G+ and 4G-networks of the mobile operators. 

All public safety and security services can rely on Blue Light Mobile anywhere in Belgium as well as just over our borders. Anyone using the service across a border can do so without additional charge, which is
especially advantageous for teams operating across borders.


ASTRID operates the national network for radio communications, paging, and control rooms intended for
the public safety and security services in Belgium. For further information, go to www.astrid.be.



Blue Light Mobile allows the user to surf on the high speed data networks of the mobile operators.