• Best coverage

    Benefit from the best coverage in Belgium. A SIM card from Blue Light Mobile utilises all Belgian GSM networks. If Proximus is unavailable, the SIM card will automatically connect with another network.

  • High speed

    You get the best high-speed data network from the three Belgian telecom operators: Proximus, Orange, and BASE. You can download, send, and receive your data at high speed.

  • Priority

    There are two service levels: FIRST and PRIOR, with both offering priority communications on Proximus network.

    PRIOR card users have the added guarantee that their voice and data communications have absolute priority over all other mobile users. The number of PRIOR SIM cards is capped at 6,000 customers at present, to ensure that priority access operates effectively.

    With FIRST, you have priority over private subscribers for data communications . If the network becomes saturated, then you will be the first in line to receive a service and will benefit from the highest speeds.  There is still no limit on the number of FIRST SIM cards for all emergency and security services.

  • Strong security

    Even though your data is carried via commercial networks, you can rest assured that it is safe. For each connection, ASTRID creates a kind of ‘tunnel’ (VPN) between the mobile terminal and ASTRID’s data centre. This tunnel guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

  • Access to the ‘cloud’ and to your own LAN

    ASTRID’s SIM card gives you access to the ‘cloud’ intended for the public safety and security services. You can use the applications to which your organisation has given you access. These applications are to be found either in the cloud or your LAN. Your organisation will decide which applications to make available in the cloud.

  • Manage access

    Your organisation can ask ASTRID to draw up rules for managing data traffic, and introduce filters for accessing certain applications based, for example, on financial grounds, or to protect the network performance (bandwidth, delays, etc. …).

  • Managing your budget

    Your organisation will decide what happens if your data traffic limit is reached. You could opt to introduce a warning system, to permit additional traffic, to limit additional traffic, or to prevent further use by all or specified users.

  • 24/7 Helpdesk

    The ASTRID Service Centre is at your service day and night. The ASTRID Service Centre is geared to the specific requirements of the public safety and security services.

  • Future proof

    Blue Light Mobile will continue to evolve with the future requirements for data traffic. ASTRID will continue to improve its service and optimise its pricing structure. Whatever your specific requirements, ASTRID is available to offer advice.