What can I do with Blue Light Mobile?

  • Dispatching applications (locating position, status, navigation …) for use in the field
  • Send and receive Videos or photos
  • Connect with your database (national person database, vehicle registration database, Portal …) and forward files
  • Manage machine to machine applications (telemetry, remote control, ANPR, monitoring patients and teams …)
  • Use Mobile office (fill in documents and forms, reports, back office applications, mobile workspace, e-mail, intranet …)
  • Use the Internet safely and under control
  • Maintain Software (download updates)

What services does ASTRID provide?

  • Connecting: ASTRID will connect your terminal to your organisation’s internal network
  • Hosting: ASTRID will host your application in its data centre and on its servers
  • Application: ASTRID will select, install, host, and manage the right application for your needs
  • Application development: ASTRID will develop an application itself, or engage another party to develop this, which is customised to your needs






Applications par service


Blue Light Mobile gives you access to:

  • Portal
  • ISLP (via an external solution authenticated by the Federal Police Service)
  • I/Mobile
  • E-mail
  • Internet (your organisation can input restrictions on Internet usage if it requires)
  • Your LAN, if required

In the future, you will also have access to:

  • Picture push
  • national person database query

Blue Light Mobile gives you access to:

  • Your digitized data
  • Your LAN, where necessary

You can also have access to:


  • Customs
  • Defence
  • Public health
  • Civil protection
  • Multidisciplinary


ASTRID can research, select and develop (itself or via third parties) a customised solution for you.