ASTRID launches the next generation of Blue Light Mobile


In addition to data, the second generation of Blue Light Mobile now offers voice communications. This means that users can now make priority phone calls quickly with their normal mobile or smartphone. Blue Light Mobile now boasts a unique feature - network priority over all other users.

Service offerings

There are two service levels: FIRST and PRIOR, with both offering priority communications. PRIOR card users have the added guarantee that their voice and data communications have absolute priority over all other mobile users. The number of PRIOR SIM cards is capped at 6,000 customers at present, to ensure that priority access operates effectively. However, there is still no limit on the number of FIRST SIM cards for all emergency and security services.

Blue Light Mobile SIM cards can also be personalised and individual users can activate different communication methods and options. From 1 November, security departments and agencies can begin the phase-in of Blue Light Mobile SIM cards.

Who can use Blue Light Mobile?

Police departments, fire service units and medical response teams, as well as airports, city councils, local and provincial authorities, defence forces and many other public bodies will be allocated a certain number of priority SIM cards, based on their size. Each organisation can distribute them freely among their various divisions.