What is the ‘cloud’?

The cloud is a virtual space containing your applications and shared data (your databases, images, applications, maps, documents…). You can access the cloud safely from all your terminals (PC, smartphone, tablet …).

As police officer, do I have access to ISLP (Integrated System for the Local Police) during an intervention?

That depends on your organisation and on the mobile ISLP solution it has chosen.  Your police zone will either develop its own solution, or contact a supplier. The Federal Police will check whether the mobile ISLP solution satisfies the terms governing security and authenticate the solution. ASTRID can put you in contact with a supplier with which the Federal Police has already authenticated a solution. By connecting via Blue Light Mobile with ISLP, you can at least be assured of better service guarantees than via commercial networks.

Can my organisation integrate its own application within Blue Light Mobile?

To integrate your own application in the cloud you need to connect your server with ASTRID’s data centre, via an Internet connection, an ADSL connection, or rented line.

Can terminals be localised with a GPS module?

This will be possible in the future. ASTRID is currently developing this function.

Which of the applications that the fire service now uses can be hosted by ASTRID?

Blue Light Mobile gives you access to your digitized data. ASTRID is also working on an application for the exchange of information between stations and vehicles.

Can I use Blue Light Mobile for paging with acknowledgement?

Yes, provided that you use a pager with a SIM card.

Can I upload photos onto a central platform for gathering all data about interventions via Blue Light Mobile?

In principle, yes, but ASTRID has not yet been asked to develop such an application. In the meantime, you can use Picture Push via Blue Light Mobile for high-definition photos, or via TETRA for smaller photos.


What terminals can I use?

The choice is yours, but the terminal must be 3G-compatible and suitable for use with a SIM card. ASTRID has tested the most important operating systems (iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android). If you are interested in the TETRA back-up function TETRA, your terminal needs to be compatible with 3G and TETRA. This can be achieved, for example, with an MDT, but not an iPad, because the latter is incompatible with TETRA. If you wish to use the ASTRID applications your terminal needs to be equipped with antivirus software.

Can I use Blue Light Mobile on my current MDT’s even though they are at least two years old?

Yes, if they have a 3G modem or if you can connect them via a USB port with a 3G modem. If so, you need to re-programme the MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) for reasons including the installation of the VPN client.

Can I connect a modem or camera with Blue Light Mobile?

You can, if your device works on iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux or Android. If it doesn’t, you need to check each device individually to see whether you can connect it with Blue Light Mobile.


What is the speed of Blue Light Mobile in areas where there is EDGE or GPRS coverage?

In these areas data traffic travels at EDGE or GPRS speed, and not at 3G speed.

In my region the coverage of the standard operator is limited. Can I set a different operator as my standard operator?

Yes. You can ask the ASTRID Service Centre to set an alternative network as standard.

Can I set a minimum level below which my device connects with an alternative, faster operator?

ASTRID will consider the question and the feasibility of the necessary developments.

'Network priority’ - what does this mean?

If the data network becomes saturated, you receive priority over other users waiting to be connected. As soon as the connection is made, you have priority as regards use of the available bandwidth.


What costs will police zones need to meet for access to ISLP?

The cost depends on the solution that your police zone develops for itself, or gets a supplier to develop. The security criteria of the ISLP solution need to be authenticated by the Federal Police. ASTRID can put you in contact with a supplier with which the Belgian Federal Police has already authenticated a solution.

Can my organisation decide to limit the number of users, access to certain applications, or the flow, whilst users are using the network?

You can monitor access to certain applications and the flow in real time. However, you cannot limit access there and then. To do so, you need to contact the ASTRID Service Centre.


Can my SIM card be copied?

It is extremely difficult to hack a SIM card. In addition, the access to the cloud is secured by a VPN.

What should I do if my device is stolen?

Contact the ASTRID Service Centre to get your SIM card blocked remotely.

Is my SIM card tied to one device, or can I use it with more than one device?

The SIM card can be used with several devices. The access rights to the applications are tied to the SIM card, not the terminal.


How is access to the Internet secured?

ASTRID provides Internet access via the ASTRID proxy, a secure portal to the Internet which filters the traffic.  If you do not connect to the Internet via the ASTRID proxy, you need to secure your data yourself.

What is VPN?

VPN - a Virtual Private Network - is a method for obtaining a secure and private connection via an existing connection (the Internet).

Can I use Blue Light Mobile without a VPN connection?

Yes, you can use Blue Light Mobile without security (clear mode). If you do so, you need to secure your data yourself.


What should I do if Blue Light Mobile doesn’t work?

If all 3G networks are saturated or defective, the TETRA network can be used as a back-up, provided that two conditions are satisfied:

  • The application must be workable on a lower capacity, and
  • The terminal must be compatible with TETRA, for example an MDT. It is not possible to connect an iPad with a TETRA radio.

To be able to switch devices automatically from 3G to TETRA, certain new developments will be needed. ASTRID will examine potential solutions if there is the demand for this from users.